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by John C. O'Leary III

The title number, “CRISPR,” is inspired by the cutting edge genetic-editing technique called but the same name. The piece’s fast, odd time signature represents the struggle between the possibility of construction and destruction using CRISPR. The intro uses a repetitive bass motif that mimics the repetitive palindromic sequences of nucleic base pairs in the DNA of bacteria. The bass motive is also palindromic, meaning that it can be read the same forward or backwards. 

This piece is part of a new album, named after the piece, that was born out of John's desire to bring his community closer to the scientific world as well as combining his two passions, music and science. The album is a collection of original works for piano in a variety of genres from jazz to classical to blues. By combining music and science, he explores a truth about the human perspective.

  • 4:54
    John C. O'Leary III